The Benefits of an Application


iOS & Android Applications

Our team are specialists in developing applications for both Apple iOS and Andriods Google Play Store. Whether you’re looking to build an application for both or just one our experienced team will be able to help you!

Benefits of Mobile Applications for Small Businesses

In the last 10 years smartphones have changed the way the world operates both for businesses and customers and consumers. 

This has not only changed the way users access information about businesses but it has also changed the customer behavaiours for browsing and purchasing. 

Now it is an understatement to say that every business should have a professional and operational website but the same cannot be said about applications. There have been a number of studies undertaken by Oracle and Mobilesmith indicating that over 60% of user prefer using a mobile application over responsive mobi-sites to purchase products online. 

It was also found that users interact well with service based applications such a local plumbing or building businesses, salons or holiday rentals. 

Reasons why your small business could use a mobile application


Easier to promote your products & services

Using a mobile application is a great way to promote new products and services to existing user. Using social media and in-built push notifications you are able to advertise to most of your app users. Using this method you’re able to tell users about upcoming products, promotions and exclusive offers.

It can also help you reduce your expenditure on traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, billboards and the use of local advertising agencies. 


Help you contact and engage with existing and new customers

With a mobile app you have the ability to interact with your current & potential customers much easier. 

Whether you’re offering a discount to app users, wanting to find out about your customers interests with a poll or just want to update them with what’s happening with upcoming events or products and application is one of the best ways to do this. 


Allows for customer feedback

Using an App is a fantastic way to quickly gather customer feedback on products, service, promotions and everything in between. 

Being able to quickly gather this information can help you not only increase the strength of your brand and business but also can allow you to develop new products & services that meet the needs and requirements of your customers.


Personalised Content

Users love tailored and personalised content that they’re unable to get through a website. This could be anything from tailored products & services. App only promotions or content or just something simple!


Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great tool that allows you to send non-intrusive notifications to app users and is a major reason why many major and small businesses choose to develop an iOS or Android application.

In-app notifications are received when someone is using your app but push notifications are received whether the user opens the app or not. 


Branding & Design

Your app can be designed to any specification. Every app is customised according to your business branding & colour schemes. 

If you every decide to change your business branding in the future the apps can be updated to fit your business. 

Applications for small Businesses


Many people are put off by the cost of developing an application. Our team understand the importance of providing excellent value whilst understanding the importance of cost to new and growing businesses.